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Archaeologists recently unearthed the 4,600-year-old tomb of Khentkaus III - a queen of the Old Kingdom - in a necropolis of Abu-sir, southwest of Cairo (site pictured).“Women have been living with this and now are talking about it,” she added.

An epithet of 'Queen Mother' was found scrawled on the wall of the grave, along with pottery, woodwork, copper and animal bones Professor Bárta believes climate change played a role in toppling the Old Kingdom, and within just 200 years of Khentkaus III's death the land was wracked with droughts as the Nile no longer flooded.

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Her patients vary in age between their mid twenties and fifties and range from the average to the very affluent, influential, and Westernized Egyptian.“It is definitely a common complaint that the husband is getting his sexual satisfaction through the Internet, from chatting or from porno sites,” said Barbari, adding that this trend plays a factor in the breakup of relationships.