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Advertising, Agriculture, Art, Broadcast Journalism, Business General, Child Care, Computer and Information Sciences, Computer Games and Gambling, Electronic Games, Games of Chance, Culinary Arts, Design and Applied Arts, Economics, Education, Environmental Science, Ethnic and Cultural Studies, Film and Cinema Studies, General, Geography, History, Humanities and Humanistic Studies, Information Sciences and Systems, Internet, Islamic Studies, Journalism and Mass Communication, Linguistics, Literature, Music, Music History and Literature, Philosophy, Photographic Arts, Photography, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Radio and Television Broadcasting, Religion, Religion and Religious Studies, Science (General), Sociology, Sport and Fitness, Tourism and Travel, Visual and Performing Arts, Women Studies The main objective of this Curriculum Vitae is to highlight my abilities and achievements as a freelance translator dedicated to timely delivery of correct translations in a variety of fields of study at the most competitive rate, with more than a decade of experience.

Working for a number of US, European, Indian and Singaporean companies, I have completed different projects over the past six months covering more than 150,000 words in English/Bengali category, and also a few thousand words in the English/Urdu category.

Safe Space and Vance-Granville Community College – Franklin County Campus teamed up to spread awareness for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

She served on the board of NCCASA as Regional Representative and was a member of various committees, including the conference committee.

As a conference committee member she and her staff…

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