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Don't say no to Little Pablo..." George: "So if there's no hug how are you going to greet her?

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Both arms all the way around." Elaine: "Do you know her? He says he's booked a lunch meeting tomorrow with Kesha.

" Jerry: "No, not an option." Reaching for the phone "I'm calling my agent back, the meeting is off..." George: "Off? " Kramer: "Jerry, don't throw away this opportunity!

Ladies man Seinfeld worked his way through all 66 women with finesse and hilarity, creating a show that is thought to be one of the most influential sitcoms ever made.

Regular watchers of the show had their favorite girlfriends (come on, we always wanted him to get back with Elaine really), and even part-time viewers couldn’t help but fall in love with some of the women themselves – Tia, anyone?

Elaine and her new boyfriend, Brett, walk across the room, carrying drinks. Elaine and Brett sit on a couch ELAINE: (as if she knows) Oh, Farbman.