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Conference organizers will convene presentations and panels that include the following themes: - Moral perspectives on genome editing - Genome editing and human enhancement - Human germ-line genome editing - Genome editing in non-humans (e.g., for research, public health...) - Science as a moral enterprise in the case of genome editing - Somatic genome editing and new therapies using CRIPSR - Gene drives and environmental risks - The need to regulate genome editing - Risks / off-target events in the case of genome editing - Cost/equity of the application of genome editing - Genome editing and social justice - Moral norms and human rights in the case of genome editing - Genome editing: treating diseases, avoiding (genetic) diseases - Gene therapies - Xenotransplantation - Genome editing in the case of food production - Genome editing and ecosystems - Applications of genome editing: military, industrial, amateur - CRISPR as a bioweapon - US-China-EU economic and genetic "wars"?

The Center for the Study of Bioethics (CSB), founded by Dr Vojin Rakić, stimulates scientific debate on a variety of bioethical issues, including the establishment of morally responsible policies of creating better humans and better lives.

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A new report by the European Academies' Science Advisory Council on genome editing gives advice to European policy-makers on groundbreaking research involving genome editing and plants, animals, microbes and patients.