E173 updating firmware inserted is not firmware Fuck finder no registration required

A Plenty of Huawei Modems are coming to market day by day.

The Orange connection gets 1Mbps download on a good day, only 300kps on a not-good day. I think the network (base-station) infrastructure isn't very up-to-date in my location.

I had become aware that a newer, faster firmware (11.1.00) was available for the E220, supporting HSDPA to 7.2Mbps.

Until now, I have had a venerable Huawei E220 modem (on Vodafone, in the UK) as my primary broadband connection, and principally used on my old Windows XP desktop computer.

I have a Huawei E1752 modem (on Orange, in the UK) which I consider my 'backup' internet connection, and working on my newer Windows 7 laptop.

This updated E173 U-1 USB modem can be used as a USM modem GSM Gateway on FRITZ!

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