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And this has made it a lot easier for us to maintain relationships with people, albeit If you’ve got a dating app installed on your phone — and a modicum of ambition — it’s not uncommon to find yourself speaking to more than one person at a time, with the potential for romance with each one.

This isn’t to say that you’re promiscuous or disloyal to the people you’re involved with, because, most of the time, they’ll be talking to other people, too; it’s simply the nature of casual dating in the year 2016.

Online dating puts romantic prospects at our fingertips in seconds.

Text messages let us interact with the least amount of effort.

It’s actually a pretty big leap from one to the other.

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    That low, stomach-churning synth and Matthew Healy softly singing in your ear, "So I heard you found somebody else..." Yeah.

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    Steve Baker, the lawyer who led the case for the industry watchdog told The Sunday Times: 'We are concerned there are serious problems elsewhere in the internet dating industry.