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I ignored the girls who pulled crack out of their pussy and smoked it in the cell. By the time I made it to the kick tank after stripping naked in humiliation.

It took a awhile in processing for the high to start to wear off. I have seen grown men beg to be suffocated by a pillow, too weak to stand. The kick tank is a large multi person cell with mattresses on the floor.

If you are a musician or sponsor you can contact their marketing Coordinator, here Global offers good music, beers, cocktails, friendly and service minded staff as well as the best evening of your life.

For pictures of Global Copenhagen go to their Website here For more pictures and comments on Global Copehagen they have a Facebook account right here Main stream is a very famous nightclub in the city. There is no dress code but it’s nice to party with sexy party people.

For tickets to Global's concert As a general rule you have to get a ticket to see a concert at Global, you have to make the ticket reservations ahead of time. You can check their event plan on their website Global You can also check their prices for concerts.