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It will be the first time in over 10 years that fans will be able to see Hosoi back where he belongs: on a skateboard. Toy Machine: Billy Marks, Josh Harmony, Matt Bennett, Austin Stephens.

Despite all the fascinating and wonderful discoveries I made about Andy Warhol and the wide range of art and media that he was involved in at the museum, I distinctly recalled my disappointment at the lack of focus on Warhol’s album covers.

Sure, they sold a few of the CDs in the gift shop (Paul Anka, Velvet Underground, Rolling Stones). It’s like selling prints of paintings that aren’t even in the museum.

For someone whose life is centered around music as much as mine, I probably knew far more about Andy Warhol from his record covers (the banana, the zipper, etc.) than either his acknowledged masterworks (the Campbell’s soup can, Mao, Marilyn) or film work (even though, like most people, I knew the Paul Morrissey films credited to Andy Warhol rather than the actual films like , the soundtrack to Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s final film, has always been a favorite of mine and something that I think – knowing a little more now than I did then – ranks among the very best in Warhol’s more erotically-charged work.

After discovering a Warhol-designed album for Paul Anka in 1996, Paul Maréchal, a professor at the University of Quebec in Montreal, began a quest to discover all of the record covers Warhol had created or had some part in.

I managed to find the book in format, and I further managed to find a reader for such e-book format. Henrik, in the 2010 edition, Richard Cook & Brian Morton ditched the whole rating and catalogue idea because of space problems in favour of a regular 1001 albums list of what they consider the best. There's also a big headscratcher with Clifford Brown & Max Roach's being included under two different entries: one for Brown and another for Roach.