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That’s not the kind of question I should be asking 34 episodes into this show.Willie is one of the central characters, after all.

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I do not believe at all that Willie’s the kind of guy to give two shits about jumping out of an airplane because he wrote it on a piece of paper decades ago. It wanted to tell us who Willie was, but it failed to make any kind of coherent — let alone lasting — statement about him. It tries to get us to believe that Willie Tanner is a character, and then it tries to convince us that he’s a certain type of character. It’s a bit of a throwaway, but when it comes to throwaways, this is the right way to do it: tie it into something specific to the character.

At that point* it was probably already too late to tell us who this character was. In an alternate universe where ALF is actually the freeloading Uncle Alfred, this joke wouldn’t play. It shows that the writers were giving at least some thought to who would actually be delivering these lines.

Everyone in the shop joins in singing and dancing, including two men with Smith Brothers beards who pop up all during the movie and are never explained.

She walks out, goes to her job in an East Rogers Park coffee shop, confides in her understanding boss, and then, standing behind the espresso machine, begins singing a lament.

She senses Jessie’s feelings for Jamie, tells her there’s no future there and advises her to try some blind dates.