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But all-importantly, 50 Cent may have fit the mold of a prototypical hardcore rapper, but he could also craft a catchy hook.

As a result, his music crossed over to the pop market, appealing to both those who liked his roughneck posturing and rags-to-riches story as well as those who liked his knack for churning out naughty singalong club tracks.

It was also a place to creep on your crush with abandon (some things never change). On top of the changes we see in our news feeds, there’s also a change in the demographic we see on the site.

During the 2016 presidential election, Facebook feeds became news sources, with many young people getting political information directly from social media. There’s a vibe that Facebook users are getting older—that the social network is morphing into a platform for the Boomer generation and beyond, and that young people are no longer creating accounts, opting instead for hipper online haunts like Instagram and Twitter.

It’s been interesting—and maybe a little confounding—to watch the transformation of Facebook from what a lot of us might consider its glory days back in the mid-2000s.