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' and I think she is excited to come back."So did Lohan officially say yes to joining the sequel? As of now, Banks is trying to figure out how they can best incorporate Lohan's character, Casey Stuart."The weird thing is, Eve's kind of stuck in time. "While she didn't go into detail, Banks did mention that fans will get to find out why in her upcoming memoir, set to be released in 2018. Banks and her boyfriend, Erik Asla, welcomed their first child together, a son named York, in January, via surrogate.

So, she's going to be a little older, but hopefully not looking that much older! "Whereas when Lindsay started, she was a little 10-year-old girl. So, we have to evolve that and figure out who she is today."Banks never imagined that she'd be making a host revealed. Aside from her many projects, Banks is also adjusting to life as a new mom."I'm in heaven with my lil' pumpkin," Banks gushed. Since his birth, the host has been obsessed with her little guy and found that the most surprising aspect of motherhood is "how you can love something so much.""You just wanna wake this being up in the middle of the night to cuddle with it, but know that you shouldn't," she gushed Starting her career as a successful child actress, Lindsay Lohan has had many highs and lows in both her professional and personal lives.

Well, there will be no security next door to you.” I was like, “What? What did you learn that helped most with this launch? He goes, “Tyra, you have these young women who are 15 to 18 years old, and then it skews all the way up to women who are in their forties. Packaging: Boxes arrive with a scent strip that smells of blood orange. We call them “beautytainers” because our brand is all about “beautytainment”–beauty meets entertainment. Our beauty­tainers are going to be entertaining beauty-expert entrepreneurs who will be able to sell this product.

And, actually, there are even some men in there as well, based on and the high attraction to that from the male gay community.” Then he realized it’s a gift. When Banks was a young model in Milan, she visited the same café before each audition. And we have something that we’re developing now, called Tyra U, where they can come online and get all of the lessons to start their own beautytainment business for our cosmetics company.

It was her second release in 2004 — "Mean Girls"— that made Lohan a household name.