Dating someone with obsessive compulsive personality disorder

This chapter will present information on PDs and on the important role of forgiveness in resolving the excessive anger, difficulty in trusting, fears and profound sadness from childhood emotional "wounds" with one or both parents that is present in most of these spouses.An exception would be those with a narcissistic disorders.Those moments are what the person longs for.ā€¯Still, to Paddy, it is worth it.

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Dating someone with obsessive compulsive personality disorder

In an effort to strengthen relationships between individuals with OCD and their family members, and to promote understanding and cooperation within households, we have developed the following list of useful guidelines.

These guidelines are meant as tools for family members to be tailored for individual situations, sometimes more powerfully employed with the help of a therapist with expertise in working with OCD.

These weaknesses can be so strong, such as selfishness, excessive anger, controlling behaviors, insecurity and difficulty in trusting others, that grace is also necessary in order to master them.

We need courage here, not only to work on our own weaknesses, but also to ask spouses do so for the good of our marriages and our children.

A major goal in married life is maintain a healthy personality for our spouses and our children.