Dating someone with 4 kids

Question for both men and meet someone and you guys hit it off, then he/she tells you they have a kid or kids...that an instant turn off or red flag for you?would you continue seeing them knowing that you're not really interested in becoming a pseudo parent figure to their offspring?

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So yesterday, Deesha and I sat down to lunch–we ate our favorite Thai food and discussed our not so favorite topic–co-parenting through problems and over obstacles.

I asked her what six things should women know when dating men with children. If a man says, my child’s mother won’t let me see my kids, dig deeper, because while the family court system is broken, sometimes men say they aren’t allowed see their children when they haven’t sought parenting time through a judge.

Having kids wouldn't be a deal-breaker, per se: having kids from three different women was, once, but mostly because where I come from we don't consider someone with such a curriculum to count as "single" (which he'd introduced himself as).

There are other things I'd see as dealbreakers and which would involve kids, such as seeing that our notions of how to deal with the kids were incompatible, or treating the kids badly.

I'd never want to date a guy who thought it was fun to be mean to children.