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Are you going to go into an emotional tailspin if they don’t lie well enough about telling you that you’re hotter than their supermodel ex-girlfriend, that they didn’t even marry? Till we meet again, I remain, the Blogapist Who Says Looks Aren’t Everything Visit Dr.

Dating someone better looking than you foreing dating

Of course, we don't even have to assign numbers to traits in order to make comparisons; we can always say simply that person A is smarter than person B, or that person C is better looking than person D.

The effect is the same: reducing a person to his or her characteristics and focusing on them instead of appreciating the entire person.

“And I’m like, Jesse, no, he’s too handsome.”Say what? Lots of women cop to second-guessing the viability of a potential mate based on his stratospheric good looks.

While Vergara’s hesitation to date Maganiello might be confusing (has she looked in a mirror lately? Caitlin, an attractive and successful woman who works in finance, explains it like this:“Extremely good looking guys are, in my opinion, rarer than beautiful women.

(You know, missing the forest for the trees and all that.) Rather than focus on the comparisons and rankings of different people, always looking for more attractive, more intelligent, or more successful, we should focus on the unique connection that we can make—a connection which is with a whole person, not just a set of characteristics.