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Humor builds rapport, and finding things that we both find funny is way of finding commonality.

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Of course, if you just roll up on someone and start delivering Patton Oswalt’s routine about KFC turning fried chicken and mashed potatoes into a $4.99 bowl of gravy-drenched bowel liquifying shame, you’re not going to be getting anybody’s number.

At best, you’re going to have people wondering why this strange person is performing guerrilla stand-up comedy at the bar. Bantering is defined as: “The playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks”.

What they still would mind is probably dating one, if the dress style of the people on stage at Apple’s WWDC or Google I/O is anything to fall back on.

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In a statement on the Skaldic Games homepage, Herman explained that this game was designed to be a mini-game included in Skaldic's upcoming open-world survival sim The Shelter: A Survival Story.