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No, we were staying at a dreadful Motel 6 because we're cheap, so by the time we arrived at the park, I didn't see anybody picketing (maybe Disney kicked them out? some coachella humble pie will bring his ass back down to earth and bring the rest of the posse.

I have no idea)...I know is I was expecting to see Captain Hook, Schmee, Chip n Dale, Donald Duck, Pluto, Aladdin, Jafar, and Belle ( ) and saw nobody, a little disappointing. basically most of the looney tune characters live in the desert so they should'nt be hard to bring in dude if bugs can dig a whole to china why not to coachella valley, the rest can just follow along, picture this, u arrive to the festival and all of a sudden them characters start popping out the ground.

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I’ve been really wanting to push that genre, but to do that you need the right amount of time.

So there’s a logistical challenge but also creatively, to do a sequel 20 years later with a new cast and also to be able to, in a relevant way, bring the Looney Tunes back. I feel I’ve done nine different iterations already and we’re going to keep going, but we’re getting closer every day.”“There’s one thing that I’ve learned, there are so many sports and Space Jam fans.

After a set of confusing panels of weird pictures and dialogue, we come to this scene. Yes, as in Marvin, who regards Earthlings with disdain.

Melodia turns out to be a princess on her own planet, but Daffy Duck warns our heroes to not associate with any of the Martians at all.

Now, nigga, that’s a mixtape Shoutout to my blerds, they represent the realness Shoutout to Gambino Girls, my dick is in the building I know you hate me cause your little cousin play me out I like black girls who nerdy but when they dance they be sayin' "Owwww" I'm sorry for who followed me Chillin’ with a Filipina, at your local Jollibee Yeah, I’m in her ass like sodomy So if you see my hand under the table, don’t bother me I don't talk soft, that's that other guy I’m screamin’ “What the fuck is up?