Dating an mma fighter

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but for two lovebirds, this name of one of the most popular moves in MMA might suggest a very different definition.

Punching, kicking and choking people for a living doesn’t necessarily sound like the ideal career path to be a success on the dating scene, but there’s plenty of evidence out there to suggest that MMA fighters are able to punch above their weight in that regard.

In shape: Now, we know what you care about is just the inside of a person, but unless we’re talking Roy “Big Country” Nelson, your boo bear is always going to be in summertime shape. Know how to put in work: You won’t have to worry about a lousy work ethic.

Fighters know when and where to put in work, whether for you or your needs. Protection: No brainer here, how many ordinary people want to take on a professional fighter? Don’t worry, before heading home a good ol’ guillotine will help put you to sleep and have you counting sheep in no time. Don’t worry, you’re covered for the long haul in situation with a fighter.

Eloquent and well-educated, Sarah told of the euphoric highs and teary lows of being the partner of a professional fighter. I used to delete them whenever they came through as I had no idea what the sport was about and I really had no interest in combat sports at the time.