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SPLA Membership requires formal approval of an application. Applications are reviewed by a team of actual, real-life human beings, so please take the time to submit a thoughtful and thorough application and to allow the Membership team time to review it.

Applications that do not follow the guidelines outlined below may be rejected outright without further clarification.

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California is one of the top three states in the nation for the human trafficking trade, according to the Riverside County Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force, a part of the Sheriff’s Department.

Los Angeles police said the girl was a chronic runaway.

TIP: If you are not fond of typing on a phone or tablet, please consider completing and submitting your application on a computer. ================================ APPLICATION GUIDELINES (7 steps) (1) All applicants must be at least 21 years of age.

(2) Couples (and moresomes) must complete separate, individual applications, AND reference (3) If an existing member has recommended you: -- reference the existing member by both their actual name & Meetup name -- have the existing member message the membership team about you (4) A reasonably recognizable face photo must be used: -- no sunglasses -- no heavy filters -- decent resolution -- decent sizing -- cropped to include only yourself (5) Understand that your application will become your profile if you are approved: -- profiles are visible to fellow SPLA members -- remember we are a private group (6) Read: -- What is the SPLA Level system?

“We’re trying to reintegrate these victims into society to be normal children, and it’s not easy.