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Of course she has some fierce competition from model and actress Niki Taylor, who is married to Burney Lamar, actress Ashley Judd, wife to Dario Franchitti, and Krissie Newman, the beautiful brunette wife of Ryan Newman.

But any good wives and girlfriends list would not be complete without the many girlfriends of those athletes who've played the field. is considered the most eligible bachelor of NASCAR and along the way has dated the likes of Emily Maynard, among many others. Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s girlfriend More About Age: 38 Birthplace: Santa Cruz, California, United States of America Profession: Fashion Model, Supermodel Credits: The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, R.

I guess it doesn’t hurt she’s not exactly difficult to look at. Trisha Grablander In the subtlety beautiful department I present you Ryan Newman’s wife Krissie. In a world where big hair and big, well other things reign, ya gotta love that. Ingrid Vandebosch NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon decided to go the model route when he wifed up Ingrid Vandebosch. Kate works with patients who have severe brain trauma.

And really, with a superstar career like his, can you blame him for choosing this stunner to mother his children? Chandra Johnson Six-time champion Jimmie Johnson also went the model route when he married the Oklahoma woman he affectionately calls “Chani.” She also dabbled in acting and now runs her husband’s foundation. Jordan Fish Denny Hamlin met his baby momma – a former Charlotte Bobcats Cheerleader – at a game back in 2007. Clearly, Carl’s faculties are all working just fine. Samantha Busch I admit, this one is a head-scratcher. Yes, her face is stunning – but her body is out of control.

The son of legendary driver and seven-time champ Dale Earnhardt plans to remain a "part of the future of this sport for many, many years to come," and will no doubt be a part of racing royalty for generations to come.