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And I hear this song and think, "wow, that's a powerful and socially-relevant message they got there, as they are no doubt referencing the Doomsday Clock and are rallying their young listeners to the cause of greenhouse gas reduction, reminding them that climate change is at pressing and urgent issue that threaten catastrophic destruction if left unchecked." Honest to god, I thought all that.

To confirm my hypothesis, I checked when I got home, to see how others interpreted these lyrics pregnant with symbolism. With all the female 40-something teachers having sex underage boys, you'd think Madonna and JT would be more responsible!

Eminem, Group 1 Crew and Outkast have done this well.

In 1996, Outkast gave voice to the alienation from old acquaintances that success brings in Elevators (Me and You): “We moving on up in the world like elevators.” They can’t help it.

Elevators have made their way into the popular imagination as an apt metaphor for the ups and downs of life.