Courtney robertson dating old rich guy

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Courtney robertson dating old rich guy

They were married in a ceremony televised on ABC in December 2012, and now have two children, son Fordham Rhys and daughter Essex Reese.

BROKE UP in October 2012 after weathering a cheating scandal.

Drake and Future are being sued by a woman who claims she was raped at their concert by a man associated with the venue ... The woman -- listed as "Jane Doe" -- says she attended the duo's show at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville last August.

According to People, the woman claims she was approached by "a man associated with Bridgestone Arena" who told her he'd take her backstage to meet Drake and Future.

Only three prominent members from this franchise have really ever written a book – Trista Sutter, Shawntel Newton, and Melissa Rycroft – none of which I ever read.