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From simply displaying an image as part of an app's UI to, assigning it to a UI control such as a Through a series of topics, this article shows how Xamarin.i OS takes full advantage of i OS to support image assets, all while handling the various device types and resolutions, and accomplish the tasks listed above.

There are several considerations that should be taken into account when creating image assets for an i OS app, as well as several places where those assets will be used.

In the field, overview maps are useful for pinpointing distant landmarks, having mid-trip planning discussions, and bailing off the intended route.

In 1987, Waldo Tobler, renowned analytical cartographer (now emeritus from University of California-Santa Barbara) wrote, “The rule is: divide the denominator of the map scale by 1,000 to get the detectable size in meters.

The resolution is one half of this amount.” Tobler goes on to note, “Of course the cartographer fudges.

This section includes a variety of articles that cover working with images in a Xamarin.i OS app, such as using them as icons, launch screens or including them in controls and providing icons for custom document types.

There are several ways that image assets are used inside an i OS app.

1979) that is now the official FWS wetland classification system and the Federal standard for wetland classification (adopted by the Federal Geographic Data Committee on July 29, 1996: 61 Federal Register 39465).