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A young, laid-back man (Gallagher) is in there too, who claims he begged to be let in.

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Let’s be clear: Cloverfield was a movie about a giant monster with a bat face stumbling around New York – This has nothing to do with that.

The reshoot for rebranding was one of the most cynical marketing exercises of recent years and nearly ruins a brilliant thriller. Goodman is fantastic as the humourless, unhinged doomsday prepper. shades of ‘Psycho’, beginning with the heroine fleeing her past life in a car), with a presumed-ending crescendo half way that leaves little idea where it’s going after that. J.’s Cloverfield tie-in, is tacked on, cliched, and the script devolves to a few swear words.

Winstead’s performance drops, taking unbelievable sights in her stride as if they’re nothing.

‘The Cellar’s original ending (lookup online) was more subtle but a much better fit.

Some of her other notable films include Twister (1996), Cast Away (2000), What Women Want (2000), Pay It Forward (2000), and The Sessions (2012), the latter garnered her a second Academy Award nomination.