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When I stood up and turned around, there was this drum of noise and everyone started chatting suddenly. You’ll over-assert yourself because you’re mortified After that first day, I was immediately on my guard; I wanted the girls to be a bit scared and know I wasn’t the sort of teacher who’d stand for being wolf-whistled at. Not just in terms of pupils, but teachers, too – other members of staff picked up on it and would say things like, ‘Oh you’re a popular teacher,’ so I needed to demonstrate total professionalism and make sure the girls knew they couldn’t get away with that shit.

I went in a bit too firm, probably went too far the other way, but I felt it was necessary.

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Remember that hot, slightly stern, twenty-something male teacher you fell in love with when hormones reared their ugly head and scented gel pens were a thing? And that reason was that you were being really obvious and he didn’t want to lose his job.

Andrew (name changed to protect anonymity and future job prospects) is a 28-year-old teacher who worked in an all girls school for over a year, and this is what it’s really like being on the other end of your ogling.

“Entertainment Tonight,” which got exclusive access to the event, got a massive ratings bump.