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When I click on Andrick's image, it appears to be a blurry off-centre photo of a photo depicting some rugged bloke with a square jaw. WE ARE LEAVING OUR DOORS UNLOCKED Back with Cyber Safety Lady Leonie Smith, many of her clients "are really quite shocked" when they learn how open they've made themselves to online scamming.

"You'll need to come and see the car before we talk further," I write back to Pat Attah, "At the moment I'm pretty confident you're a Nigerian scammer." Unsurprisingly, I never hear from Pat again. Cyber safety consultant Leonie Smith - dubbed "the Cyber Safety Lady" - says scammers "will go for people that are over 60 because they think those people are more vulnerable.

However one person who has interviewed and indeed spent time with Nigerian scammers is Brooklyn-based journalist Erika Eichelberger.

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It’s as if “their immune system to fraud” is weakened, Shadel said.