Bad parenting

There are plumbers who have only reached the level of an apprentice, there are also tradesmen, and there are also official plumbing teachers.

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They spy the fishermen and, after partaking in a 'Deliverance'-inspired harmonica duel from dock to canoe, creep up on the campground to see what Kevin and Stew might have left for the taking.

They discover Cindy and, in a plot twist leading to hilarious mayhem, decide that they would make better parents than the obviously inept Kevin.

Exactly which germs seem to do the trick hasn't yet been confirmed. In a recent study, Mc Dade's team found that children who were exposed to more animal feces and had more cases of diarrhea before age 2 had less incidence of inflammation in the body as they grew into adulthood.

Inflammation has been linked to many chronic adulthood illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer's.

Storbakken at first claimed he dropped her while removing her from the crib but the autopsy showed that Fowler died from blunt force trauma and had injuries to her stomach, leg, arm and hand.