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Parker quickly learns that with great power comes great responsibility as he tries to juggle the demands of high school and home life, while battling the Green Goblin (Robert Cuccioli) and his band of super villains.

Peter must fight to save everything he holds dear, including the beautiful girl-next-door, Mary Jane Watson (Rebecca Faulkenberry).

As Mary Jane falls, Spider-Man makes a leap, and is tethered, frozen in a comic book panel snapshot, as citizens chant the emblem of the original version, "And the boy... Miss Arrow contends that Peter Parker isn't actually the first person to become a spider.

She begins to tell the story of Arachne ("Behold and Wonder"), as depicted weaving a huge tapestry on the stage with her weavers.

She was an Ancient Greek weaver who challenged Athena, the Goddess of Weaving, to a duel; Arachne who wove blasphemous images in her tapestry to mock the gods, won but was punished for her hubris by Athena, who destroyed her work with a crack of a lightning bolt. Athena felt guilty, so she gave her eternal life in the form of the world's first spider, doomed to weave in the shadows forever, never more in the light.

The scene dissolves into Queens High School where Peter Parker is presenting an oral report on Arachne.

SYNOPSIS: The arachnid-bitten superhero, familiar from comics and the movies, learns that with great power comes great responsibility as villains test not only his physical strength, but his strength of character.