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Versa Emerge guitarist Blake also offered various lessons via BANDHAPPY earlier this year through last month.

” Fueled By Ramen is seen as something of a family – is it really like that when you're part of the label? ”It is a family, and of course there are disagreements – that’s how life works.

But things are compromised and that's what makes them a great label. Like, if Band X from the past hadn't existed then you guys would lose a significant part of your influences...

However I do feel a lot of bands are multiplying like bunnies – jumpy, cute, dumb bunnies that shit everywhere.

Versa Emerge have revealed that Devin Ingelido, the band's bassist, is leaving the band.

This was misconstrued to mean that she was already 17 and was turning 18, but she actually meant that she would be 17 in a week.