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Any edits you make are automatically updated everywhere.

i Cloud Photo Sharing makes it easy to share photos and videos with exactly the people you want to see them.

Learn more When you make changes on your Mac like editing a photo, marking a Favorite, or adding to an album, they’re kept up to date on your i Phone, your i Pad, and i

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Learn more about Photos Every photo and video you take lives in i Cloud — giving you the freedom to access your library from any device, anytime you want.

So you can view a photo from last week or last year no matter where you are.

If you’re experiencing this issue and want to get My Photo Stream to start working on your Mac again, the fix should be easy.

Photos helps you keep your growing library organized and accessible.

If you shoot a snapshot, slo-mo, or selfie on your i Phone, it’s automatically added to i Cloud Photo Library as well — so it appears on your Mac, your i OS devices, Apple TV, i, and your PC.