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fl S: S50 It F ^ih Pi = X THEN 532 GAP-Ift Tl GAP/21 535 5H=0 S4^ ron H-I Tn C-G SE& IF A^CHJ (Af CNI^ ^APy ;&$ CM GAP. PAGE 5 CAD.« S,10, J125G ll,16,25^e 24,1,200 29.19,2S* 34.1.6Q 42.9. He9G fi-j^ij L 88 COLUHH TEHt [ Kr-Uinhj^ii^ in thi- Hariri njil lirii^l HTliiinr L IViiil Sli Hi|k pxickuji^ii]^. l YI-CARB SODA 250 (k Dflf RI-t'ARB )DA FOK I) sale t,j- 1L A.

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The swap flag is set (BW= 1 ) if an exchange takes place and in Lhia case the loop is repeated, as further changes may result Jrom the revised relative posi Uons of the lettera, LINE 532 successively halves the block size Jbr the second and subsequent rounds of the sort^ these come into play when the exchanges for the previous round have all taken place (LINK 580).

The program ends when gap size falls below £ and the sorted string is displayed,.

frobabcjubs The maths functions - particularly powers - are used a lot In working out series of probabilities - The probabtllty of an event happening w\\ always be a number between (impossible) and 1 (certain), i^lth the chance of any particular outcome depend- ing on the number of possible events.

For Instance, when you Loss a die there are 6 possible outcomes so the probability of getting any given number is ,1/6; it you throw a coin there are only 2 possible outcomes so the probabiliiy of getting heads is 1 /2, So how do we work out the chances of getting 2 heads in Ct H PC wv EQ /H HI LD GG fr V UN 5J fl A OU HD 500 REM Wl.t^ill H 5 €12 REM SIO GRAPHICS f9:7 ^15 0:^26: DIM *i^l Cl 520 Gfl P-JNTCtar^ltl T ED STRING; *':?

Set after the episode in question, Ruby & Dorothy ponder where to take their relationship now after the kiss happened.

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