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Bible Studies, programs and special events meet at various times to provide opportunities for individuals to grow deeper in relationship with Jesus and graft other members onto the Living Body of Christ.

Father Vince leads a weekly Bible Study on Wednesdays.

She tells us that this “union of souls” is the second marriage for two people in early middle age who both bring a lot of “history” to their current relationship; although she thinks it’s a “ridiculous position” for two forty-somethings to be chasing around after toddlers. As for her three children by her first marriage she seems to have been psychologically able to reduce her ex-husband to a “twice monthly check,” with the aid of a Decree of Nullity from the Catholic Church.

Unfortunately it appears from the Commonweal article that her present husband, Michael Dubruiel is not having an easy time psychologically dealing with his former “marriage,” in fact he’s “haunted” about his former life to use his wife’s term. Amy does say he did give his vestments away to a Brazilian seminarian, but still reads his office every day.

So too, any question of Jewish asceticism as exemplified in the Essenes or Therapeutae of Philo's "De Vita Contemplativa" is excluded.